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Emergency Machine Repair

We provide experienced maintenance professionals to your worksite as-needed or full time. Mid-American Machine can be an integral component to your plant maintenance, which is just one aspect of our comprehensive industrial field services.

We have the right people and equipment 24/7 to help in even the toughest situations:

  • Preventative maintenance
  • Emergency breakdown and repairs
  • Small modification projects
  • Major shutdown projects

Heavy Equipment, Rigging, Moving and Installation

Whether it’s a delivery of a new machine to your facility or a complete relocation of your plant, we have the specific equipment and technical expertise backed by more than a decade of industry experience to complete the job safely and efficiently. We always meet your machinery moving challenges to ensure the equipment arrives on time and in installation-ready condition.

Over the years, Mid-American Machine has moved, rigged, reinstalled, and set up heavy-duty equipment of all sizes for diverse customers across the country. Safety and timely delivery has always been our goal.

Machinery Moving, Rigging & Installations

At Mid-American Machine, our skilled crew is highly trained in heavy equipment rigging, machinery moving, and unit installations of all sizes at any area in the country. Our technical expertise lies on heavy-duty manufacturing machinery moves and installation backed by experience, equipment and safety training to deliver all your moving needs.

Our moving, rigging and installation services covers:

  • Industrial plant moves – from a single machine to an entire plant’s machinery
  • Disassembly and assembly of equipment and process systems
  • Equipment leveling and alignment
  • Material handling equipment installations
  • Complete turnkey solutions
  • Complementary warehouse or onsite services

Crane & Rigging Services

Mid-American Machine houses a fleet of heavy-duty cranes ready to operate at your beckon and call for all your heavy machinery lifting and material handling needs. Our expert crane operators are readily available to assess your needs and offer the most cost-effective solutions on what ideal equipment is needed.

Our diverse cranes fleet ranges from a compact 8.5-ton carry-deck for internal use to a state-of-the-art 55-ton hydraulic truck crane that shoots up to 185’ in length, we provide experienced, safe and reliable crane service.

For field applications that require a larger crane, Mid-American Machine has an extensive network of resources to provide reliable and efficient solutions to your needs.

 Packaging & Crating

When it comes to packaging and crating heavy loads for domestic and overseas shipping, Mid-American Machine can handle all your machinery and help deliver your shipments safely, intact, and on time.

We take pride in our vast network of resources that allows us to be able to deliver and package export shipments certified by the International Plant Protections Convention (IPPC). Our wide range of specialty services also covers the expert use of polyethylene Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor (VCI) film for packaging to ensure that your machinery remains rust-free, moist-free, and fully protected.

Our packaging and crating service offerings include:

  • Disassembly of utilities and assembly of machines for safe shipping
  • Transfer of shipments
  • Packaging and prepping of heavy loads and machinery for domestic or overseas shipping
  • Placement of heavy loads and machinery on skids or crates
  • Loading and unloading of heavy shipments

Laser Alignment

Through the use of a state-of-the-art Vantage laser tracker from FARO Technologies Inc. and highly skilled technicians, Mid-American Machine saves its customers time and money with laser alignment services that guarantee your newly installed equipment is operating at peak performance.

Manufacturers no longer need to rely on multiple vendors to install and align their machinery – Mid-American Machine can do it all, from initial equipment inspection to machinery repair, maintenance or installation, alignment and final inspection.

Our turnkey state-of-the-art laser alignment services decrease customer downtime and increase confidence that equipment has been installed and aligned correctly.

The FARO Vantage 3D laser tracker allows our knowledgeable, well-trained staff to measure alignment and make adjustments at the same time, decreasing downtime and keeping your production lines running more smoothly. Laser alignment also produces tighter, more accurate alignments, and the highly advanced, fully computerized system produces a final report that includes a 3D CAD drawing of the aligned machinery, along with complete details on measurements and tolerances.

Laser alignment is an integral part of all of our machine installations, maintenance, rebuilds and refurbishments. Our laser alignment services are also an important part of inspection and troubleshooting projects for customers whose machinery no longer operates at full efficiency.

Customers can rest assured that our alignment capabilities remain top-notch through our annual recalibration and cleaning program with FARO, annual training for our staff and regular software updates for our Vantage laser tracker.

As a result, every component of our alignment program is certified – an achievement that our customers can share with their own clients and end users.

When you need efficient, documented and verified alignment as part of a machinery installation, maintenance or repair, you need Mid-American Machine. Contact us now to take advantage of our laser alignment expertise.

Motor Repair

We have successfully completed service and rewinding of motors and generators up to 6000 HP – 13,200 volts. The machining capabilities include repairs on motors up to 60 inches.

Mid-American’s field service team is dedicated to making sure we respond quickly to your project needs. Whether a small field deployment or major undertaking, our team guarantee’s to always provide quality service on a 24/7 basis.

Clients have continuously relied on Mid-American as their outsourced maintenance experts. We have helped prevent many unwanted shut-downs by providing our knowledge and expertise to any project their facilities has faced.

Running short on maintenance staff?

Let a Mid-American service team fill in the gaps and keep your plant machinery running smoothly. Whether outsourced or just filling in, Mid-American has the solution for you. Some solutions include preventative maintenance services that can include routine inspections of equipment to identify problems before any major incident. To help aid in this program, a list of spare parts can be scheduled to be held at either your facilities or ours.

A Mid-American technical expert will provide a detailed analytics report for you to review following any one of our services offered

With competition and quality more important than ever, clients turn to Mid-American Alignment Services. Using the latest in state-of-the-art laser technology, we make sure your equipment output and quality meets the ever increasing demands of the industry. Put the Mid-American service team to work for you today and see the difference.

Some of our capabilities include:
Electrical/Mechanical Repair, Remanufacturing & Precision Machining for most all motors including:

• AC/DC Motors
• Servo & Hermetic Motors
• U.L. Approved Explosion Proof Motors
• Centrifugal Pumps
• Vertical Turbine Pumps
• Progressing Cavity Pumps
• Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps
• Submersible Pumps
• Well Pumps
• Gear Pumps
• Reciprocating Piston Pumps



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